Tree Surgery

Climbing a tree to dismantle in small safe sections with the use of ropes or free fell techniques. 

Crown thinning

To start by removing all crossing, dead or epicormic growth and evenly removing a percentage of branches. This allows more light and wind through the tree.


Reducing the size of the tree to relieve weight for a natural canopy shape, retaining a safe size where otherwise could be dangerous. 


Certain trees can be pollarded meaning to remove all branches and just leaving a stem letting epicormic growth form.

Felling is a technique used to cut a tree down from ground level.
Crown lifting

By removing the lower branches of a tree you are raising the canopy allowing more headroom for the pedestrians, traffic or to produce a better shape for the tree.

Dead wooding

Removing all major dead wood from the canopy of a tree.


To remove unhealthy, damaged, dead or overgrown branches especially to encourage new growth.